Construction Piling

Case Study Project: Farringdon Tube Station

To enable the erection of new buildings and tube lines SKANSKA Cementation were awarded the driving of Spiral Weld Tubular Piles. As part of the construction programme Pipeline Protection operatives mobilised to a site in East Anglia on a main route into London to receive/Coat/Transport coated Piles into London under strict delivery timescales.

Bitumastic – Bitumen products have been used for multiple uses including the protection of steel pipelines and retaining structures for over 100 years. Advanced Barrier Coatings manufacture Bitumen Slip Coat for the application to steel piles for civil construction foundations, when applied the “Slip Coat” can reduce ground frictional forces by 75%.

Pracbit – Bitumen Enamel grade based on BS4147 for use in general steel pipelines – main uses internal and external protection of steel pipelines.

Pracslip – Bitumen Enamel suitable for the slipcoating of buried structures – main uses Tubular and Section steel to reduce “downdrag “loading as a direct result from ground forces.

Scope of Work – Grit blast surfaces to Sa2.5 followed by a Primer with a hot application of Slip Coat Bitumen Compound to 6mm thickness

Supplied Materials – 1540mm OD x 300 metres, 813mm OD x 1000 metres

Detailed description of application of Slip Coat Compound


Step 1:

Pipeline Protection mobilised to site, cleaned external of pile and applied a coat of Bituprime to enhance adhesion.


Step 2:

Piles were coated with an application of Pracslip to a final thickness of 6mm


Step 3:

Piles were coated with an application of Vynamat Solar Reflectant white wash. This assists in reflecting heat from the sun and assists in preventing pile/pile contact


Step 4:

Piles are stored in temporary yard awaiting transportation to Farringdon Tube Station.