Helensburgh – HM Naval Base, Clyde (Construction)

Pipeline Protection were involved in the Shotblasting and Coating of Tubular Piles in Ningbo, China. There were 4 Piles each weighing around 180-200 tonnes each, the piles were then shipped to the HM Naval Base Clyde on the west coast of Scotland. The Jetty is 200m long and weighs 44,000 tonnes which will provide six […]

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Farringdon Tube Station – London (Construction)

Pipeline Protection Shotblasted and applied a Slip Coating system to the 813 & 1524mm Tubular Piles designed to provide ground support to construction work. Piles were processed in close proximity to the Construction Site and taken into London during quiet times to avoid traffic congestion in the capital. Each Pile was coated with Primer then […]

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