RWE Dolgarrog – Temporary Coating Facility (Site Specific Project #3)

The hydro-electric pipeline carried water from an elevated reservoir through to the turbines located in Dolgarrog village. The pipeline was approximately 1.5km in length with a number of special fabricated fittings to follow the contour of the land. To assist the manufacture of the fittings Pipeline Protection set-up a local blast and paint shed to […]

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RWE Dolgarrog – Above Ground Coating (Site Specific Project #2)

Once the 2 metre diameter pipeline was fully installed and buried, the principal contractor remediated the land back to the original condition within the National Park designated area. Part of this scope of work required section of above ground pipes, including flanges, to be coated with anti-corrosive paint system which would blend into the local […]

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RWE Dolgarrog – Field Joint Coating (Site Specific Project #1)

The pipes were consolidated into pipe dumps and strung out for field welding. Once welded and fully NDT tested, Pipeline Protection mobilised to grit blast and coat welded joints. Pipeline Protection grit blasted the bare welded areas and applied a hot polyurethane coating, Versathane, to the field welds in accordance with the client specification. The […]

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RWE Dolgarrog Hydro-Electric Pipeline Replacement (Site Specific Project)

RWE; Dolgarrog Hydro Electric Power Station in North Wales received a £15million replacement programme. 1200 metres of the 100-year-old Coedty pipeline was replaced with new 2 metre diameter polyurethane coated pipes. These pipes were manufactured and coated in Spain, shipped to the Port of Liverpool. From the Port of Liverpool the pipes were loaded onto […]

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