Port of Shoreham (Marine)

Pipeline repairs were required for this project in Shoreham. To maintain a constant sea level for harbouring within the Port of Shoreham there are 4 large sea water inlet pipes which transfer water into the harbour. Pipeline Protection surveyed one water inlet pipe which recorded the condition with a full report issued to the client. […]

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Marine Protection (Marine)

Falmouth-based Fugro GeoServices (FGS) was the principal construction company who erected the new Eastern Refueling Jetty with the Port of Falmouth. The Eastern Jetty project involves the fabrication and installation of 33 piles, with pile cap bracing structures and the installation of 12 bridge sections and concrete deck. The wharf will be 250 metres long […]

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Isle of Man Sea Outfall (Marine)

Pipeline Protection (NE) Ltd used Denso Sea Shield Jackets for the protection of Sea Outfall pipes where the original external coating was deteriorating prematurely. The existing pipeline coating system was undergoing gradual erosion due to an aggressive environment of wind and water borne sand/gravel particles. Denso SeaShield Jackets were specifically designed for anti-corrosion splash zone […]

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